Back in 1981, Mike & Jen left their home in the UK to visit North America for the first time. It was a long trip down the West Coast from Vancouver in Canada to Los Angeles via Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Many trips later, in October 1999, they were in Tennessee at Davy Crockett’s birthplace near Limestone. At the Crockett birthplace was a monument with the names of all the US states, so Mike & Jen decided to count how many they had visited. The answer was 34 plus Washington DC. So, they decided, why not visit the remaining 16 states?

Thus was born the 50 Plus DC project (50 US States plus Washington DC) which they completed at Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 2nd, 2002. They have also visited many (but not all) of the Provinces in Canada. This website commemorates over 30 years of travelling in both the USA and Canada, providing a perspective on both countries as well as a brief introduction to a couple of the US’s neighbours, Cuba and Mexico.

So, if you fancy an armchair trip around North America, just click the buttons at the top of the page or select from one of the drop-down menus. Alternatively, you may prefer a special interest guided tour (or trail), in which case look further down the page and click on the one that interests you.

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New in 50 plus DC

New York City has had another update,. Following our rather wet 2019 trip the pages on Brooklyn, Chelsea & Gramercy and the Upper East Side have been updated.

As if bankruptcy and hurricanes Irma and Maria was not enough, Puerto Rico now has to suffer the indignity of being included in 50 plus DC.

The wildfires that struck Northern California in November 2018 with appalling loss of life took place just 6 weeks after we visited area. We have added some photographs that we took to the Gold Country page.

At long last we have started to publish our new, expanded section on Florida. A new section on Miami has arrived, plus new pages on Fort Myers, Koreshan SHP, Naples, the Ringling Museum, St Petersburg and Tampa. More will follow.


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