Everywhere in the USA you are offered real Wisconsin cheese. We visited in October 2000 and the importance of dairy farming to the economy of this state was brought home to us when we found that there were no hotel rooms available for miles around Madison because of the World Dairy Expo, the largest cattle fair in the world. We stayed in Milwaukee instead.

 Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison, WI, USA


Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison

No, this is not a black and white photograph, it was just taken in absolutely terrible weather.  Despite the weather,  we were determined to see Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. This picture of the State Capitol was taken in driving rain. Sadly it was the last picture ever taken with our trusty Canon EOS10. In our hurry to get back in the car out of the rain, the clip on the camera bag wasn’t secured properly and when it was taken out of the car in the rain at our hotel in Milwaukee it went flying, never to work again.

Fish Creek, Wisconsin, USA
Fish Creek, WI, USA

Fish Creek

Fish Creek lies near the end of Door County peninsula (part of it technically an island) jutting out from the coast of Wisconsin. On one side is Lake Michigan and on the other Green Bay. Fish Creek is on Green Bay and was originally a settlement for loggers and fishermen. Nowadays it is a summer vacation resort so not surprisingly, the town is full of speciality shops.

Fall foliage at Fish Creek

Internet resolution does not do justice to the colours (or colors, for our American cousins) of the trees in early October. By this time Fish Creek is getting relatively quiet, but in the height of the season it is clearly a very busy little town.

Egg Harbor, WI, USA

Egg Harbor

Another pretty town on the shores of Green Bay. Door County has many such places, so there is a danger of suffering ‘pretty lakeside town’ overload!

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- The small towns along the Door County Peninsula.
- ‘Real Wisconsin Cheese’. To anyone from Europe there is nothing real about it and it certainly does not merit being called cheese.
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