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Notes about the 50 plus DC

  1. 50plusDC.com is copyright Mike & Jen Elsden. If you wish to reproduce any of the content, please contact us by e-mail. We will normally readily grant permission to reproduce small extracts from the web site subject to acknowledgement of the source.
  2. 50 plus DC contains the personal views of Mike & Jen together with facts drawn from a wide range of sources. The personal views are ours and ours alone, but in a web site of this size it is inevitable that some errors could have crept in amongst the facts. If you spot an error, please alert us by e-mailing us.
  3. American visitors to the site may be a little perplexed by some of the spelling. When the founding fathers of the USA decided to rationalise (note the ‘s’ not ‘z’) some spelling they made life for future generations of computer spell check designers much more difficult as back here in the UK we continue to spell words the way they always had been. It’s not us being difficult, it’s just the way we do things over here. We haven’t taken it to the ridiculous lengths of one British tabloid newspaper which after 9/11 insisted on referring to the World Trade Centre. Buildings and places are spelled the American way, so while a town may have a harbour, the town of Bar Harbor is spelled in the Americans way.
  4. During the Victorian era, the UK and USA also drifted apart when inventing new words. Most people know that a car in the US has a hood and a trunk but in the UK it has a bonnet and a boot. A tram in the UK is a streetcar or trolley in the US. Others are much less well known, for example people walk along a sidewalk in the US but it is called the pavement in the UK - in the US anyone walking on the pavement could be run over! Where the words differ on the two sides of the Atlantic we have usually used both to avoid confusion.
  5. Web designers can be an indisciplined lot and as a result links to external web sites can be very difficult to keep up to date. In order to minimise the risk of broken links, we try where possible to link only to Top Level Domain home pages, as these are far less likely to change. We are now finding it increasingly necessary to break this rule so if you encounter a broken link, please advise us by e-mail .
  6. The site has been designed to be browsed with Internet Explorer 10 or higher. It has also been tested with Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge, which have generally displayed the web site correctly.

A recent arrival in 50 plus DC is a page on Puerto Rico. More pages will follow. The addition of Puerto Rico has casused a navigational problem. It’s not a State, but a Territory, so we haven’t listed it under the US STATES tab. We have included it in theSouth Region or there is a link to it on the minimap of the Florida pages. We have briefly broken off from writing pages on Puerto Rico to add material on New York City from a visit in May

After doing some quick updates to  California  following our January 2018 visit we have turned our attention back to New England and completed updating of it. Massachusetts and New Hampshire were updated last year, now we have expanded the section on Maine from 8 pages to 18.

Last year we finished our update of the MidAtlantic states expanding Delaware already one page to five and New Jersey from three pages to eight, Maryland from three pages to ten and Pennsylvania has an extra three pages and Massachusetts has been expanded by 12 pages and updated.

We also added to New York City, adding the National September 11 Memorial & Museum to the Lower Manhattan page, a new page on The Bronx, and more information on Staten Island, Upper East Side and Uptown Manhattan.

We visited the Pacific North West in the fall of 2016 and we have already made some additions to a few existing pages. We are aiming to publish more new material through the rest of 2018 as we have a backlog of new material to publish on the USA. Once we have finished Puerto Rico we will turn our attention to adding new material on Florida and then move on to material from other trips including  Arizona, Nevada, Utah and the Pacific North West.


June 2018


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