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You could say that this is where the USA began as on January 5, 1776 New Hampshire was the first colony to ratify its own state constitution. Although it would take another 6 months for the formal declaration of independence to be adopted, that new constitution  effectively severed ties with Britain. New Hampshire has only a short coastline sandwiched between Massachusetts and Maine, but it has a history of shipbuilding and commerce. Inland the tradition is of agriculture but the state is best known for its mountains and as a result it is nicknamed the Granite state. The inland area is heavily forested, so New Hampshire is a great place to visit in the autumn to view the fall foliage.

Flume Bridge, Franconia Notch, NH, USA


Castle in the Clouds, Moultonborough

Between 1913 and 1914 shoe millionaire Thomas Plant  built his dream home in the Ossipee Mountains  looking out over Lake Winnipesaukee. The house was called Lucknow and was the centre of an estate that grew to 2,550 hectares (6,300 acres) in size.  Although the house was sold after Plant’s death in 1941, the Arts and Crafts architecture of the house was retained by subsequent owners. Now managed by a non-profit organisation called the Castle Preservation Society the house and grounds are open to the public.  Due to its lofty position, the house is now known as ‘Castle in the Clouds

Fall foliage near Chocorua

Way back in 1985 we made our first trip to New England with the aim of seeing the fall foliage. It was in the White Mountains of New Hampshire that we found the fall foliage at its peak. Sadly the weather did not behave itself, but even in these gloomy conditions the autumnal reds and yellows on the trees are striking.

Flume Bridge, Franconia Notch

Although they can be found in other parts of the USA, covered bridges are a New England speciality and New Hampshire still has more than 50 of them. This  bridge spanning the Pemigewasset River dates from 1871 and is relatively short at 15 metres (50 feet) long. It is thought that this may not be the original location of the bridge. The bridge is of Paddleford Truss construction, which is described on the Maine Covered Bridges page.

Fall foliage by lake near Chocorua, NH, USA

Waterfront at Meredith

On the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee sits the town of Meredith. Founded in 1748 it was originally called Palmer’s Town after the man who laid out much of the land surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee. The name was changed to New Salem, then in 1768 to Meredith after Sir William Meredith, who opposed taxation on the colonies. Now home to around 6,000 people its setting by the lake ensures that it is a tourist destination. The town also has a preserved railroad, the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad which provides trips along the shore of the lake to Lakeport. Click Tab 2 to see the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad.

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 Castle in the Clouds, Moultonborough, NH, USA
Waterfront at Meredith, NH, USA
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Town Hall & Church, Canterbury

Canterbury is a small town of around 2,000 people best known for the nearby Shaker Village. The classic building in any New England small town is the church with it tall, white spire. In this picture the Canterbury United Community Church is augmented on the left by the 1736 Town Hall building. An idyllic scene, if only we had been there in the autumn for the fall foliage!

Town Hall & Church, Canterbury, NH, USA

Honeymoon Covered Bridge , Jackson

Our second New Hampshire covered  bridge is, like the Flume Bridge, of Paddleford Truss construction. It was built  around 1876 by Charles Austin Broughton and his son Frank, while the pedestrian walkway on the left was added in 1930. It has a span of  31.4 metres (103 feet) across the the Ellis River.

Honeymoon Covered Bridge, Jackson, NH, USA




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